It’s hard to argue

Some of my favorite worship moments come through people’s testimonies. 

My friend Rob Renfroe says: Our testimonies are powerful because it’s hard to argue with somebody’s story. 

This is incredibly true when the story is told as poignantly as through the lens of Ben Wyman, the most talented video artist I know. 

Here’s one of my favorites, about my friend Bryce and her daughter Grace.  We were in a worship series called Amazing Grace, and it seemed so perfect to end the last Sunday with a story about a little girl named Grace.

I met Bryce when Grace was less than two weeks old and they were preparing for her first eye surgery.  It’s been a long road and a lot of surgeries and treatments since then, but Bryce and her husband Chris have been amazing parents to this wonderful little girl.  Bryce is an anaesthesiologist in the army, making her one of the smartest, most beautiful, and bravest women I know, all at the same time. 


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