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This is a blog about being inadequate and available to God at the same time. I’m not an expert at living, ministry, leadership, and certainly not parenting – but I promise to share what I learn along the way. Here’s to stumbling into truth together.

-Jessica LaGrone

Surprise! (Or not.)

Just how many surprises can one person take before they’re not surprised any more? The week after my birthday seemed like perfect timing to relaunch my blog and reconnect with so many of you. So… Hello again! If you haven’t kept up with the massive transitions our family has been through over the last year… Continue Reading

I need you to hear something

I need you to hear something. You, the parents of the college student about to flunk out. Who know he’s drinking too much and going to class way too little and wonder: if he fails, what will happen to him? Who monitor his assignments, his whereabouts and his bank account electronically, texting to make sure… Continue Reading

Catching Sight – a guest post on the Bare Tribe blog

It’s the Fourth of July 2009, a day that usually finds me giddy with the freedom of a couple of days off, barbecuing with friends, watching fireworks explode late into the night. Instead I’m miserable. Unhappy in the midst of celebration. Sick with ambiguity and grief and stuffing down the hope I refuse to let myself feel…. Continue Reading

Kate’s baptism

A huge thank you to Patrick Fore Photography