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Disclaimer: If you’re looking for expert advise you might be on the wrong page. This isn’t a blog about having it all figured out, but about being honest, inadequate, and fully available to God all at the same time. I’m not an expert at leadership, living, ministry, and certainly not parenting – but I promise to share what I’m learning about each along the way. Here’s to stumbling into truth together.

-Jessica LaGrone

Teaching my daughter a bad word

Toxic Beliefs Series Our three-year-old, Kate, loves to do jigsaw puzzles. Long after her older brother has given up and wandered off to pretend to be a Jedi or a ninja, she will remain standing over the coffee table, moving the pieces around with her tiny toddler fingers in the empty spaces until they click… Continue Reading

“Me Too”

Jim and I got married in our 30’s, a little later than most of our friends. By the time of our wedding I had been to all the wedding showers and baby showers I cared to go to as a guest. It was my turn. I was ready to be a mom. I had joked… Continue Reading

When you feel like you’re failing…

A friend and her husband visited a small Episcopal Church in California. Since she is a pastor herself, visiting a church came with all kinds of baggage. So when the service appeared a bit chaotic she wasn’t sure what to think. I know this struggle firsthand. Being a pastor who visits other churches is like… Continue Reading

Surprise! (Or not.)

Just how many surprises can one person take before they’re not surprised any more? So… Hello again! If you haven’t kept up with the massive transitions our family has been through over the last year I’ll just say:“Toto, we’re not in Texas anymore!” and point you to the “About” page to see what I’ve been up… Continue Reading