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Disclaimer: If you’re looking for expert advise you might be on the wrong page. This isn’t a blog about having it all figured out, but about being honest, inadequate, and fully available to God all at the same time. I’m not an expert at leadership, living, ministry, and certainly not parenting – but I promise to share what I’m learning about each along the way. Here’s to stumbling into truth together.

-Jessica LaGrone

Solomon’s Fatal Flaw

Conversation was abundant around a table at the local coffee shop. The gathered friends hooted with laughter as they talked over their lattes and caught up on the things going on in one another’s lives.   But when the door opened and they turned to see the new customer walking in, they became silent. “Can… Continue Reading

A Seal of Ownership

When I was nine years old, I went away to summer camp for the first time.  Judging from the whirlwind of preparation that overtook our household in the weeks before I left, you would have thought I was going to another continent, maybe even to the moon. In the midst of all the piles of… Continue Reading

Two Stories

In my grandparents’ sitting room were several large photo albums containing yellowed black-and-white pictures. Those albums also contained something more intangible: stories. If I sat with my grandmother with the albums open on her lap, she would turn the pages and tell me stories about these strangers who were actually relatives I had never met…. Continue Reading

What Name is Given This Child?

I always thought it would be fun to have twins. Matching babies are so cute dressed up in identical outfits, wheeled out on display in a double stroller for the world to stop and coo over. The reality of having two babies at once is so much different than the dream world of matching outfits… Continue Reading